01 Jan, 2021

Planet Bioplastics is partner of the European research and innovation project PRESERVE "High performance sustainable bio-based packaging with tailored end of life and upcycled secondary use". The starting date was January 1st, 2021, with an expected duration of 48 months. The project involves the collaboration of a consortium of 26 institutions, coming from eight different countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, Slovenia, Netherlands, Great Britain, Czech Republic).


PRESERVE aims to enhance the performance of primary food packaging via bio-based barrier coatings for bioplastic and paper/board substrates, as well as via eBeam irradiation and microfibrillar-reinforcement. From the biotechnological side, PRESERVE will leverage the compounding of enzymes in bioplastics to stimulate biodegradation, the enzymatic recovery of functional oligomers and the delamination of multilayer packaging via enzymatic detergents to enable their layer separation and recycling.



More information available at the official project website: https://www.preserve-h2020.eu/