Planet Bioplastics mission is the development of biodegradable bioplastics with high content of components from renewable sources that are compostable and/or recyclable.

Our products, which are based on biopolymers and biodegradable additives with a high content of organic carbon, are compostable in industrial and/or home composting, and, in some formulations, even soil and marine degradable.


Product applications are from the production of special FILMS to INJECTION MOULDING and THERMOFORMING. 


The categories have been created to divide our products according to the constituent parts of the tree:


  • ROOTS: bioplastics with natural fibers for injection molding.


  • BOLES: bioplastics optimized for injection molding and thermoforming.


  • LEAVES: bioplastics for the production of flexible films.
Compounds with natural fibers for injection moulding applications.
Compounds for injection moulding and thermoforming applications.
Compounds optimized for rigid and flexible fims production.